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SWAP FOR ART! What would you swap?

For the last time-tile

For the last time-tile-D

(For The Last Time, Print on ceramic, 19.5 x 19.5cm)

Have you ever swapped something for art or swapped one of your artworks?

I’ve swapped my original art with other artists before and have gained some really great pieces for my collection. I feel that artists need to help promote their own industry by supporting other artists they admire. I love having my own collection from contemporary artists. It also helps to freshen up the studio and keep things moving.

For a while now, I’ve had an idea to build an Art Swap website where artists can swap art pieces with one another. Would this be something that you’re interested in? What are some of the pros and cons of swapping your art?

Out of curiosity, I’m posting this ceramic print for swapsies. Do you have something that you would like to trade for this piece? It can be an artwork or something else if you’re not an artist. Go on, don’t be shy…

Red Zebra Designs: bespoke design that is Trés Sheik!

Red Zebra Designs bespoke artist Robyn Woodrow approached me to revamp her website, organize it and come up with a design that was more in line with her ‘business personality’. Everybody does business differently and our business reflects an individuality that is similar to our personality. In fact, in a lot of instances our business is an extention of our personality.

When I devolop a brand I like to get to know the people behind the brand to get an idea of how they work. This gives me insight into key traits that help to form an image: bold, fresh, charming, light, professional, vibrant, energetic, conservative, funky, etc… Does your business reflect your values? Can you see your personality mirrored in your business? In my opinion businesses function better when there is a personal connection to the business and the image so that the two reinforce each other.

Robyn’s work is amazing and I wanted a site that was clean yet had a soft sensitivity to reflect the high quality of her designs at the upper level bespoke products. I cleaned up her existing themes of the zebra and changed the colours to be softer, exuding quality and craftsmanship. Here is a sample of her site:

If you’re looking for something special this Christmas, why not shop at Red Zebra Designs? Personally I would love something locally handmade over store bought anyday. For a real visual treat have a look at her recycled clothing. Exquisite!

Rah Collective to feature artwork by Geline

rah collective geline

Great news! I’ll be featured in the next Rah Collective book, along with a bunch of other great artists and illustrators. Check out the website and get your hands on a copy by purchasing a pre-release package. You could score yourself a bunch of goodies from the featured artists. keep an eye out for this illustration from my collection as well as a little interview.

For the last time - geline


Logos in a blender

Yolanda Pettinato: Yoga expert

I was lucky enough to design and develop a new website for the amazing Yolanda Pettinato. This is a woman who has lived an incredible life with much hardship, and has grown to be one of the most spiritual, healthy, beautiful people I know. Check out her photos, you’ll never guess she’s in her late 50′s!

Yolanda wanted to update her existing site to be more fresh, have more social content for recurring visitors and have a functional, easy shopping cart. Before starting, I got to know her so that I could find out what kind of business personality she had. This allowed me to tap into what kind of design would suit her best, her colour sense and voice. Read what she thought about it here.

Please visit her site and have a look around. She has some great yoga DVDs on sale.

Double Entendre: an Explicitly Graphic Exhibition

For those of you in Brisbane, I have some exciting news!

One year after the success of their initial launch, Evangeline Cachinero, Tiffany Atkin and Anita Pettinato, known as the innovative art group ‘Explicitly Graphic’ are bringing you their second art event – ‘DOUBLE ENTENDRE’. This time around, the show is headed south and will open at the White Canvas Gallery in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley on Friday, 28th October.

Pre-purchase your early bird tickets for $9 on our website, or $15 at the door.

Ticket price gets you:

* Sexy sounds mixed by DJ HOOLA
* 3 delicious beverages
* Morish nibbles
* A goody bag filled with cool stuff
* Walls full of saucy art to feast your eyes on
* The chance to win one of three original art pieces (yeah!)

It’s a little bit party, a little bit exhibition, but either way it’s going to be pretty darn fun. See you all there!

[Unofficial after party venue TBA!]

Welcome to Geline’s new site!

Thank you for stopping by. Lots more coming soon, so please check back once it’s all up and ready!